About Us


Just a little bit about me and this delightful team.


My husband introduced me to photography some time in 2008 and I really did not take it seriously.  Perhaps because he was so much better then I and that was very discouraging!  January 1st, 2010 I took on a project where I decided to shoot everyday for that year.  What I learned was that he was not better then I was, I was just shooting the wrong subjects!  I learned that we were different and we had far different styles.  The beautiful part about that, is we were never in competition because of it.  Fast forward to today…


With The2ofUsPhoto you get exactly that – two people working on your images. I do the shooting and my husband is the mastermind behind the scenes. You might not get to meet him, but he does our computer work and processes the images and gives them our own style. When your hire us, you hire a dedicated team and your final product is art!


As life moves around us and as we grow older together, I am proud of our team and I would never want life to be any other way!